Grooming Services

We at Happy Pups Grooming take pride in our clients as well as our grooming. We treat every pet with loving care and tenderness. We take 8-10 dogs a day, (by appointment only) and your puppy will be looking marvelous within 3-4 hours Unless you need to drop them off longer that is alright too. Every pet grooming includes a unique therapeutic massaging bath. With Jacuzzi jet action. This device turns the bath into a soothing whirlpool. Warm water massages a way aches & pains caused by poor circulation and arthritis in older dogs. It also provides wonderful relief for dogs suffering from hip dysphasia, stiffness and or any kind of irritations to the skin caused by dryness, ticks or fleas. We use oatmeal shampoo in every bath. Also included: hand dry, requested full head to tail body trim, nail trimming or grinding, ear cleaning, pads trimmed, a quick teeth cleaning, cologne and bandana or bow. If your dog needs a Flea treatment or medicated shampoo for dry skin this is also all included in our price.

My prices vary according to breed and the work needed for that particular visit. Our prices will be adjusted for dogs with matted and poor coats as well as for dogs that are difficult to handle. Please understand that quality grooming is difficult on dogs with poor coats or poor attitudes and take more time for completion. Please call for my pricing guidelines and after answering a few questions about your pet I can then give you a price.